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Nextwire, LLC Performance-driven solutions including ArmorPress, a woven metal mesh engineered for increased surface contact resulting in improved bond and heat transfer. Nextwire is also the authorized North America distributor for Hybridmesh 3322 from GKD, a multilayer mesh made with multifilament, bronze and synthetic fiber. This lightweight belt offers superior strength, permeability, air circulation and conductivity.

701 East Arkansas Ave

PO Box 159 Star City, AR 71667


Northland Chemical Inc.

Northland Chemical Inc. is a manufacturer of custom-formulated all-in-one blends of dry, bentonite based wastewater treatment ("clay") chemistry. Our formulations are designed to treat wastewater streams containing flexographic ink, glue or starch, individually or collectively. We can "de-dust" our clay to significantly reduce respirable particles that become airborne during the dosing process.  5146189654 7480 Bath Road Mississauga Ontario L4T1L2 Canada
Nye Lubricants Nye Lubricants, a subsidiary of the Fuchs Group of companies, is a leader in the innovation, formulation and manufacture of synthetic lubricants. Our NyeCorr® 140 synthetic corrugator grease, is used for the maintenance of single-facer and pre-heater bearings in the corrugating industry. Since its introduction in 1997, hundreds of corrugating plants worldwide have converted to NyeCorr 140 and realized significant cost advantages.  508-996-6721 

12 Howland Road
Fairhaven, MA 02719